Scene 2 — The Creature

Suddenly there was a silence. The restaurant felt as though it had aged with an empty belly for years. Its drapes clung to the walls as wrinkled skin and morels bloomed between the cracks of the blackened floorboards. I stood slowly and peered around the kitchen door.

I was looking for food. Remembering tastes is one of my favourite ways to spend a dream.

I forgot that I was in a nightmare.

There was no fully stocked kitchen which I had desperately hoped to find. In the room a gruesome creature lied atop a bare cot.

Its body resembled that of a man, barely. A tight Speedo separated its thick wrinkling upper body and drooping face from his smooth infant-like legs.

As I crept closer and laid down to go to sleep it lifted his head slightly and smiled.

If I can sleep during a nightmare, then I can often wake up safely at home.

It began to crawl across my legs on all fours like a cat.

“It’s okay, I’m not real.” It spoke with a low growl.

It’s smile never faded as it tucked its toes snuggly beneath my calves.

Sometimes to leave a nightmare I have to finish the nightmare.

Stay.” It whispered, while reaching out to touch my belly.

The bed creaked.

“You can have pleasure, just the way you like it. I’ll help you.” Its purrs reverberated my nausea.

I thought of my most intimate moments with myself, ashamed. It was as if he knew them. As if he were there.

“Okay,” I replied, while untangling our bodies, “I just need to grab some things from the other room.”

As I rounded the corner I was surprised to find a car had crashed through the front door of the restaurant, while another was creeping up to the driveway.

My brother, Christopher, stepped out of the back seat.


I readied myself to dash for the exit when out of the corner of my eye I saw a young boy struggling against a much older man.

Suddenly a hand clasped around my neck and I could feel a body fold against me, pulling me backwards.

“Stop! No!” I flailed now, digging my heels into the floor.

I watched in horror as the older man began to undress the young boy against his will.

“If you don’t let me save that boy, I’ll never forgive you!” I screamed.

The creature’s grip slightly loosened.

The younger boy was now on all fours with the other man kneeling behind him. I watched helplessly, still within the creature’s grasp.

Just before the boy was about to be raped he kicked his captor in the groin and swiftly threw him to the ground. The boy shoved his attacker’s face in the dirt and proceeded to rape him. In seconds the boy grabbed a gun laying beside him and shot the man in the back of the head. Blood sprayed across his face and he smiled as his eyes met mine — his apparent blood-thirst not yet satisfied. He raised his gun at me.


With all my strength I leapt for cover in front of the car between us. I could hear bullets. I felt a pang of familiarity as my brother slowly retreated into the safety of his car. I could tell there was no way for me to reach him. I was alone.

Standing in the doorway of the bedroom was the creature. It grinned gleefully as ever.

Peering around the side of the car I could now see the young boy’s corpse sprawled across the body of his own victim. I now faced the barrel of an older woman’s shotgun.

Cowering beside the car’s bumper I covered my ears and squeezed my eyes shut.

In some nightmares, all I can do is die.

I prepared myself for sacrifice.

I cried out as a car crashed through the wall beside me. I can still hear the creature’s screech as it lunged towards me. Its dying wish.

A woman in the passenger seat gestured to me frantically, “Get in!”

The driver began backing out through the hole in the wall he’d created. I looked to my left and saw a boy my age clinging to another older man.

I was being saved. This was only the beginning.



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